The Best and Worst of Clickbait

Clickbait, it’s everywhere! And whether you like it or not, you’ll undoubtedly fall prey to its deceptive charm at least once a day. What’s sold to you as ‘mind-blowingly awesome’ is sometimes just ‘pretty good’ and mostly ‘a complete waste of time’.

Unfortunately, we can’t prevent clickbait from wasting your time, but we can ridicule some of the worst headlines we’ve seen – or best, depending on how you look at it – beginning with this from BuzzFeed…

As if the primary headline wasn’t enough, Dave Stopera (if that is his real name) goes on to claim that by reading his article, you run the risk of having your mind blown into a different time zone; whatever that means.

This footage isn’t just rare, it’s ‘rare’.

Your reward for clicking on this ingenious thumbnail is a minute-long video entitled ‘UFO spotted on NASA live stream’.

Not only is this article mind blowing, it will DESTROY your understanding of time with anecdotes such as ‘Betty White is older than sliced bread.’

Warning: your heart might explode if you watch this love-filled flash mob video.

Swan Lake is hauntingly beautiful, not this.

This water torture craze is really taking off.

In sports news: Chelsea come back from a goal down to beat Burnley 3-1, and what can only be described as a ‘monster fish’ has eaten a shark whole.

AIDS isn’t a superhero.

Although what happens next isn’t quite “straight out of The Matrix”, this article is proof that not all clickbait is bad.

And not all clickbait is genuine, as The Onion’s satirical take on sites like Upworthy demonstrates, with articles accompanied by images like this:

Okay, so now you’ve seen some of the best and worst clickbait around, why not generate your own?

We’ll share yours if you share ours…