Blog: Internet Showreel XVIII

DJ’s Complaining

It’s tough being an internationally acclaimed DJ. Not only are you subjected to hordes of adoring fans (not to mention big booty hoes like those found in hip hop videos) but you have to really slog it out, showcasing your talent at exotic locations all across the world. DJ’s complaining effortlessly lampoons this breed of malcontent musician, highlighting their first world problems with an all knowing shake of the head.

Just look at poor Ben’s indecision when it comes to selecting the right champagne cocktail. Thankfully it falls upon his loyal Twitter following to reeducate and rehabilitate him.

Words Of Young Men

If ever there was a site which epitomised effete, hip New York cool, it would be Words Of Young Men. We long to be as cool as the pictures contained within this hallowed Internet tome.

Chief Keef – The Interview

Chicago teen Chief Keef has been in the spotlight recently, with the focus leaning towards his sordid social media antics as than his direct, aggressive brand of hip hop.

Drawing his influences from both the trap inspired productions of Lex Luger and the violent, dystopic neighbourhood of Chicago he resides in, Fader shines a light on what makes Keef tick here.