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Nike Ads Through the Ages
In an industry where allegiances shift like sands in the wind, Nike’s ongoing relationship with Wieden+Kennedy stands out. After more than 25 years of collaboration, their work together represents a true canon of modern advertising. Here’s the best of the lot. Warning: may contain (Red Hot Chili) peppers.

Walt Stack (1988)

If Nike ads make up a Bible, Walt Stack’s utterance of the now immortal ‘Just Do It’ phrase is its Genesis. A sign of things to come...

Spike and Michael (1988)

Stop frontin' Michael. We know it’s the shoes.

Rock 'n' Roll Tennis (1991)

As celebrity endorsements go, the Nike/Agassi/Chili Peppers triumvirate is up there with our favourites.

I am Not a Role Model (1993)

Charles Barkley: basketball lover, babysitting hater.

Guerilla Tennis (1995)

Before there was guerilla marketing, there was guerilla tennis.

I am Tiger Woods (1996)

Reports on Tiger Woods filing a massive identity theft case were inconclusive.

Now you're just showing off.

Goodbye, Mars (2005)

Don’t call it a comeback, call it a catch-up between two old pals.

My Better is Better (2008)

His better is better than your better. Time to start bettering yourself.

Find Your Greatness

Have you checked behind the sofa?

Just Do It – 25th Anniversary (2013)

The ‘Just Do It’ 25th anniversary was something of a triumph - rarely has a phrase entered advertising vernacular with such ease. Take a look at how Nike/Wieden+Kennedy commemorated the occasion here.

A partnership like the one exhibited by Nike/Wieden+Kennedy is something to be cherished. Where others may have strayed from the guidelines restricting how a clothing company should market itself, Nike have, with the creative vision of their partners in crime, consistently challenged the public’s perceptions of a sports advertising campaign. Here’s hoping to 25 more fruitful years, guys.

Speaking of which, here's what they're up to now.